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  • womens long argyle socks

    Cotton Argyle with a CoolMax® Sole

    Equestrian Socks, Technical Socks, Women's Socks

    • An eye-catching long sock with multi-coloured classic Argyle pattern and added bonus of a technical sole
    • In the popular UK ‘long sock’ style (17 ½” leg)
    • Combed cotton (54%) knitted with nylon (16%) and 30% technical polyester
    • True Intarsia Argyles made in soft combed cotton with a reinforced Coolmax rich sole for added comfort and durability.
    • Coolmax is a high tech fabric specifically and uniquely engineered to keep users dry and comfortable.
    • These socks containing Coolmax, are made from specifically engineered polyester fibres from ADVANSA with an increased surface area. This special four channel fibre forms a transport system that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any fabric and thermoregulates the body.
  • Thin Technical Knee High Sock

    Technical Socks, Women's Socks

    • Lightweight Nylon with Coolmax® Sole
    • This ‘thin’ sock has been developed for wear when weight and space in the shoe or boot are at a premium. The performance sole wicks away moisture to keep the feet and toes dry, it has also proved popular with fencers and cyclists.
    • Can also be used as a ‘liner’ sock to boost insulation against the cold
    • 66% Nylon, 33% Polyester (Coolmax®), 1% Elastane